Writer’s Block: It’s the End of the Semester, and My Brain is Shutting Down



So, here it is, the end of the semester… One more week of classes, and then finals week is upon me. This is truly the WORST time to be battling a serious case of writer’s block, but I can’t seem to find my way around it. I’m not even sure why they call it “writer’s block.” I CAN write, I just can’t write anything worth a damn. 

It doesn’t help that I have a research paper due on Wednesday on the literary purpose of the women in William Faulkner’s “Barn Burning.” I also have to completely rewrite a 20-page short story by the end of the week. It also doesn’t help that I am particularly fond of the short story the way it is, but my professor thinks it’s “too much story for a short story.” So, I’m tasked with dumbing it down and getting rid of one of the most interesting aspects of the entire story altogether. 

I know that pretty much all writers find themselves faced with writer’s block at some point, but do you have more trouble when you are overwhelmed, or is it just me? 

Agh! Please tell me there’s a magic pill I can take that will clear my head and motivate me to finish this stuff up, so I can move on to winter break! …. And next semester… (finally getting my foreign language out of the way, the last of my gen ed classes) German 101, German 102, History of Narrative Film, English Studies, and Survey of Early American Lit… Whooooo!


2 thoughts on “Writer’s Block: It’s the End of the Semester, and My Brain is Shutting Down

  1. Sorry– clean out of magic pills. But here is some paltry advice: We now know that stress only constipates us. So, doing what you can to lower it helps a lot. Browsing the Internet, watching shows, etc., doesn’t really lower it. Exercise and meditation help. Don’t guilt yourself or berate yourself. That also is counter-productive.
    Best of luck.

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